About Protein Community

Protein Community is a tokenized community of future-focused, culture-makers seeking to define new ways to come together to build a better future. From season 5 onwards, we are inviting our community to contribute to the co-creation of a collective report based on a dirty word, a Protein Agency’s report series, that will create synergies across all the elements of our ecosystem, generating new opportunities for our members to contribute and new value-creation and distribution model.


The Project Manager is responsible for the successful development and execution of our seasonal report. The Project Manager will oversee the entire project from start to finish, including but not limited to developing a timeline, coordinating and tracking all contributors, liaising with the editorial team, and assisting the chapter leads. Knowledge and experience in Web3 and Discord are a must.


  • 2.5-3 days/week
  • $230 / €200 / £170 per day paid in USDC
  • Remote - Strictly GMT-friendly timezone - GMT +/- 3 hours
  • Knowledge and experience in using Discord effectively are a must.


  • Engage and track contributors to ensure work is on time and meeting seasonal goals, ordering process as needed.
  • Work with stakeholders and the core team to define project objectives and tasks.
  • Create, manage and own all project documentation.
  • Oversee $PRTN and USDC budget.
  • Stay on top of all project administration and operations.
  • Organize and attend weekly meetings with contributors.
  • Provide project updates to the community and the core team.
  • Help coordinate and lead the coordination with the Protein Agency team.
  • Regularly coordinate with the core team by async messaging and attending weekly core team meetings.